Using Adviser Track

Keep up to date with how your students are doing so you can give them the best advice.

It’s just £46.67 plus VAT per year to subscribe to Adviser Track.

  • You’ll be able to track the offers your students receive from universities and colleges by using the Search for Applicants feature.
  • You can see any conditions that they’re required to meet.
  • You can then see the replies your students make to any offers they receive.

Guide to Adviser Track

Find out how Adviser Track can help you follow the progress of your students' applications after they have been sent to UCAS.

Adviser Track – the benefits

Youll be able to search through your students by status – making it easy to see what advice you might need to provide.

  • There are weekly Applicant Status Reports (ASRs) – great for seeing snapshots of how your students are doing.
  • You also get similarity alerts – if we think any personal statements might have been copied we’ll show you which section has been recognised by our similar detection system.
  • You can use the email facility to remind your students to make their replies.

Applicants can opt in or out of allowing their details to be viewed by your centre – either in their application declaration or in the Personal details section in Track.

There’s a tick box at the bottom of the order form where you can opt in for automatic renewals. If you do, you’ll still be sent a reminder that your subscription is due, giving you 30 days to cancel your subscription in whole or in part if you’d like to.