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With a continued increase in the number of direct to Clearing applicants, and 56,225 applicants being accepted through Clearing in 2021, this crucial period in the cycle remains a key priority for recruitment teams across the sector.

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Find out here how one provider used Clearing for its recruitment strategy in 2021.

The Grove Media on behalf of University of Law

What activity did you undertake with us during Clearing 2021?  

For Clearing 2021, we used a combination of display, email campaigns, direct mail, as well as paid social. For display we had a combination of awareness placements as well some subject-specific inventory which allowed us to reach highly relevant audiences in Clearing.

How successful was this campaign in your opinion? Have you seen attributable impact on numbers from this campaign? 

We were able to attribute results to every single line of activity, therefore we consider the campaign a success. The beauty of campaigns with UCAS Media is that results are measurable beyond media KPIs, and we can attribute direct applications to them, being able to measure the ROI.

 How did you find the overall experience working with us during this time?

Working with UCAS Media is always a pleasure. Our account manager is on hand to help us at every stage, and the overall process is very clear and organised. From front end to the ad ops, everyone at UCAS is professional, efficient and knowledgeable.  

Do you intend to book a similar campaign based on this?

UCAS Media will continue to be part of our core media strategy during Clearing as the data they have is incomparable to any other media education specialist. 

 Would you recommend a similar type of campaign or activity to another provider?

Absolutely. It is important to work closely with your account manager to understand the opportunity, the size of the market, and the investment required to make the campaign a success. 

Alina Pruteanu, Digital Development Director, The Grove Media on behalf of University of Law