Early Connect terms and conditions

Early connect terms and conditions

1.1  The Early Connect pilot is being delivered by UCAS and The Department for Education (DfE) in partnership. 

1.2  The pilot will run for 12 months, beginning in October 2023. 

1.3  The pilot aims to equip schools with high quality apprenticeship resources, support more young people to discover and apply for apprenticeships, increase the number of apprenticeship opportunities available in the pilot regions and to make it easier for employers to find apprentices. 

1.4  There is no cost to schools or students for participating in the pilot.   

1.5  The pilot will be run only in the Lancashire, North East and Greater London regions.  If your school is not in one of these regions, you will not be eligible to opt in to the pilot. 

1.6  Schools that sign up for the pilot will have access to exclusive teaching resources hosted on ucas.com via a link emailed to you shortly after submitting the form. 

1.7 Your students will be able to sign up for UCAS Smart Alerts which will match them to relevant apprenticeship opportunities. 

1.8  Students from schools in the pilot regions will receive enhanced support to secure apprenticeship opportunities provided by the DfE and regional partners in the pilot regions. 

1.9  The DfE will engage with employers in the pilot regions to increase the number of apprenticeship vacancies available. 

1.10  UCAS will share the data you have submitted in this form with the DfE in order to deliver the enhanced service.   

1.11  The DfE may share this data with regional partners that will help deliver the pilot service.  These may include the ASK programme, Careers and Enterprise Company and Local Enterprise Partnerships.   

1.12  UCAS will from time to time send you emails to update you on the progress of the pilot, alert you to new developments and advise you of upcoming events, webinars and resource releases.   

1.13  By signing up for the pilot, schools agree: 

     1.13.1      To participate in good faith. 

     1.13.2      Access the exclusive resources for the purposes of supporting students to make informed choices about their next steps in education. 

     1.13.3      Support students to create a UCAS Hub account and sign up for UCAS Smart Alerts. 

     1.13.4      Help to shape the course of the pilot by giving us your feedback when requested. 

     1.13.5      Make reasonable efforts to attend further webinars, use the available pilot resources and advocate for the project in your school.   

1.14  UCAS agrees to: 

     1.14.1      Not to share the data submitted in this form with anyone unless defined in this agreement. 

     1.14.2      Keep you updated with the progress of the pilot via email. 

     1.14.3      Respond to questions via email in reasonable time. 

     1.14.4      Work towards the best experience and outcomes for your students. 

1.15  You can withdraw from the pilot at any time by emailing adviserhelp@ucas.ac.uk

1.16  The data you submit in this form will be held for the 12 month duration of the pilot and for up to 12 months afterwards for the purposes of evaluation.   

Thank you for signing up for the Early Connect pilot, we’re really pleased to have you on board!