As the deadline approaches, we’ll be providing lots of useful information and advice to help your students complete their applications.
Posted Tue 10 December 2019 - 10:57

As an adviser, you’ll know how many students leave it until the last minute to submit their applications. We’re here to help you help them get their applications submitted, as quickly and easily as possible.

Let your students know about the range of useful resources and support we have for them in the lead up to the 15 January deadline:

  1. Share our step-by-step guide to filling in your UCAS application with those who still have sections to complete.
  2. Encourage them to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll be posting regular top tips, and important reminders of what they need to do, when.
  3. Let them know they’re not alone. If your students have questions about completing their applications, they’re probably not the first to ask. Point them in the direction of our 15 January FAQs. They may also find our 15 January – ‘how to apply’, and ‘are you ready?’ blogs useful.
  4. Make sure they’re aware of our 15 January deadline Facebook live sessions – taking place at 15:30 on 13 January, and at 12:00 (UK time) on 15 January, delivered by our UCAS experts.
  5. Get them to download and save a copy of our Customer Experience Centre festive opening hours, so they can get in touch if they need any last-minute help.

In the countdown to the deadline, we’ll be sending important reminders to students who still have applications in progress, making sure they have all the information they need to complete their applications on time.

Students having second thoughts about applying to uni? Get them signed up for UCAS updates, and we’ll send them information about alternative options, like apprenticeships, gap years, and internships.

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