On 24 November we deployed a number of changes to the adviser portal, based on regular feedback from advisers about the incessant amount of scrolling required when viewing an applicant's application – whether that’s using the ‘action’ button, the next and previous buttons, or simply to remind advisers of the student whose application they’re reviewing.
Posted Mon 30 November 2020 - 12:26

The changes that were deployed are:

  • A new ‘floating’ actions menu – that moves with users to ensure actions are always readily available, wherever the adviser is on an application.
  • Student information fixed header – so wherever you are in a student’s application it’s clear whose application you’re reviewing.
  • Previous and next button – these are now included within the fixed header, to save you having to scroll excessively.
  • Date of offer displayed – the date of offer for each choice is now shown on the track details page.
  • Availability of generic reference template – this can be added to each centre, and added to each individual reference at the click of a button. Find out more about our reference changes.

What’s next

We’re responding to feedback to further refine these changes, and will keep you updated via our adviser emails.

If you’re keen to help us shape and test future developments sign up to take part in our adviser panel – it’s your opportunity to help us improve.

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