Now the 15 January deadline has passed, your students will be focused on their exams and looking out for updates in Track.
Posted Fri 13 January 2017 - 09:07

Tracking their applications

Once your students have sent their application and received a welcome email they can see how it’s progressing by signing in to our online system, Track. Students can get help on how to track their application with our ‘Journey of an application’ video.

Keeping details up-to-date in Track

Encourage your students to keep their details up-to-date in Track, to avoid delays and ensure their application progresses as smoothly as possible.

  • Keeping contact information up-to-date in Track. This includes their home address, phone number and email address. If any of these have changed, or change in the future, they need to sign in to Track and update them in the ‘Personal details' section. Then, contact the chosen unis to update them too.
  • Making sure their name appears on the application exactly as it’s written on the exam entries. For example, if they’ve applied as ‘Katherine’ but on the exam papers they use ‘Katie’, it’s best to change their name on the application to avoid any confusion when the results are published. To do this, students should get in touch with us as soon as possible.
  • Changes to exam details applicants have entered in Apply. Let us know at straightaway if any of your students’ exam details change, and let the universities and colleges know too. It's important to tell us, as it could delay the processing of results if we are not updated. If results can’t be confirmed, your student might not get their place.
  • Nominated access. Students may want to nominate someone who can make decisions on their behalf and discuss the application with us, e.g. a parent, other relative, or guardian. If they didn’t nominate someone when they filled in their application but now wish to do so, they can contact us directly.

It’s not too late to apply

If any of your students missed the deadline, there is still time to apply. Applications received after the deadline will be sent to their chosen universities and colleges, although it can't be guaranteed they’ll be considered. Higher education providers can close their courses after the deadline if they are full, so make sure your students check with the university or college whether they have vacancies before submitting late applications.

Extra service available from 25 February

Students who have used all five choices and do not receive any offers, or decide to decline any offers made, can use our Extra service from 25 February to add another choice. This year our direct contact service will be going live on 27 February, in conjunction with Extra.

Visit our exam results page to see the timeline and understand more about the process, from now until results day.

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