From 15 July students with a passion for performing arts can make their application to conservatoires for courses starting in 2022.
Posted Mon 21 June 2021 - 16:09

Here’s the three things you need to know:

  1. Students need to register in the Hub
    To get started students will need to register in the Hub. If they’ve already registered for an undergraduate application – great – they’ll be able to use the same login credentials for both applications, they just need to make sure their they ‘tick both undergraduate and conservatories in their preferences.

    From their Hub, students will have access to search and favourite all conservatoire courses, start their personal statement and use the notepad to keep track of their thoughts all in one place. Then when they’re ready to get started they simply click the ‘start application’ tile.
  2. The application has been given a new look
    We’re refreshed the look and feel of the application – making it more responsive and use-friendly, and consistent with the undergraduate application. We’ve recorded two webinars to share with you the changes we’ve made: 

    • The deadlines!
      Keep track of all the key dates to make sure you and your students don’t miss a deadline.

We’re running a UCAS Hub live on 21 July 14:00–14:40 where you and your students can get your questions answered. We’re also finalise a range of resources to help you support students making applications to conservatoires.  

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