Are your students ready for higher education? We've produced a series of study skills guides to help them out.
Posted Wed 11 May 2016 - 16:43

UCAS is working in partnership with the National Extension College (NEC) on a series of study skills guides to help your students successfully make the transition to higher education.

The first four guides are live on now, and cover how to present an argument, time management, proofing and editing, and academic essay writing.

Download the guides

The guides include practical activities to help your students develop the habits of effective independent study. NEC is a national not-for-profit provider of intermediate level courses and qualifications, delivered online with tutor support. Students can take A levels and GCSEs with NEC to get the qualifications they need to gain admission to higher education, and some schools and colleges are expanding their Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 curriculum offer through NEC.  

NEC and UCAS believe everyone needs to invest time in learning the skills needed for independent study, if they are to become confident students and get the most out of their course.

We hope these guides are useful for your students in their transition to higher education. If you have any feedback on these resources, or ideas for other topics you would like covered, please email [email protected].

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