Posted Fri 18 December 2020 - 12:06

Our historic entry grades tool 

We want students to make aspirational choices about higher education, but past research shows students can be put off applying for courses if they think the entry requirements are out of their reach. They often don’t appreciate the nature and flexibility of entry requirements – especially for those from particular backgrounds. To demonstrate openness across the sector, we’ve developed our historic entry grades tool.

Transparency to support decision-making

The tool shows the grades students held when they were accepted on to courses during the 2017-2019 application cycles.

It’s a snapshot of previous acceptance data, and while we’re not guaranteeing entry criteria will be the same this year, it gives insight never previously shared as to the grades providers accepted previously.

Exclusively for advisers to inform support    

The new tool is exclusively for advisers registered with our adviser portal.

It’s really important you don’t share this data with your students as we can’t pre-empt the grades unis and colleges will accept, and there may be additional considerations made.

We are looking to share more information with students in the future, however, there’s a lot of work to ensure we do this in a really accessible and clear way to manage student expectations. 

Access the tool in three simple steps

  • Sign into the adviser portal and head to the ‘advisers’ tab on your dashboard
  • You’ll see a link to the tool within ‘Data & Reporting’
  • Select the name of the university or college, course, and qualification type you’re interested in, and then select how you want to review the report.

To find out more, watch this short video from Louise Evans, our Head of Customer Experience:

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