From approving references in the new adviser portal, to finding out the total number of applications sent to UCAS – we’ve got you covered.
Posted Thu 12 December 2019 - 11:26

As this is the first year that you’ll be using the adviser portal to submit your students’ applications for the 15 January deadline, we’ve gone back to basics.

Here’s a step-by-step run through of what you need to know when checking, approving, and sending your students applications.

Are your students’ applications ready to be sent?

Before you can send an application to UCAS, you need to make sure both the reference and application have been approved. To quickly find applications in this status, use the ‘Ready to send’ quick filter.

Applications not in this status cannot be submitted to us.

Sending applications to UCAS

Once the application and reference have been approved, you’re ready to hit ‘Send to UCAS’. Here’s what you need to do…

  • Click on an applicant’s name to go into their individual application.
  • Hit ‘Actions’, and select ‘Send to UCAS’.
  • An ‘Are you sure’ warning message will then pop up to double-check you want to send the application.

Once you’ve sent it, you can move on to the next application using the ‘Next application’ button in the top right-hand side.

Don’t forget – you can no longer submit applications in bulk, so please give yourself plenty of time to send applications to us.

Wondering how many applications you’ve sent to UCAS?

We’ve added a new feature so you can easily see the total number of your applications. This appears at the top of your application list, and updates accordingly when you add filters. To identify the ones you've sent to UCAS, simply type ‘sent’ into the application status filter.

Approving applications

To see which applications are ready to check and approve, use the ‘Ready for review’ quick filter.

If there are any which need approving:

  • click on an applicant’s name to go into their individual application
  • go to ‘Actions
  • click ‘Approve

Approving references

To see which references need approving, use the quick filter ‘Reference needs approval’.

If you have references ready to be approved:

  • click on an applicant's name to go into their individual application 
  • go to the ‘Reference and predicted grades’ section
  • check the reference – if you make any edits, press ‘Save
  • when you’re happy, tick the ‘Mark as complete’ box, and click the ‘Approve’ button

Want to see which applications you’ve returned to your students?

  • Type ‘returned to applicant’ into the application status filter.
  • A list of applications which are still with your students will then appear.
  • If they have actions which still need completing, you’ll need to get in touch with them outside of the portal, and ask them to 'pay and send’ their application back to UCAS once they’ve finished – don’t worry, they won’t be charged again if they’ve already paid.

If you have any other queries in the countdown to the 15 January deadline, don’t forget our Schools Team are on hand to help!

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