Posted Mon 6 August 2018 - 09:44

Are you supporting students through Clearing or Adjustment this summer? Read top tips from the University of East Anglia (UEA) for what to do on the big day.

For many, results day runs smoothly – students receive their grades, and their first choice university confirms their place. However, more and more students are looking at other options, and securing a place through either Clearing or Adjustment. Clearing is for those students who, for whatever reason, don’t yet have a place confirmed at university for September. Adjustment is for those students who’ve met and exceeded their firm choice offer, and are looking for a more aspirational choice.

As a teacher or adviser, supporting students on results day is an important step in helping to send them off to their next destination. At UEA, we’ve collated a few top tips to help you advise your students during this busy time:

  1. Encourage students to come into school or college to collect their results. While many exam boards offer the opportunity for students to receive results remotely, it can be much easier to support students if they’re in school or college on results day.  
  2. It’s always worth a call. If students are unsure about a university option or their eligibility for a particular course, it’s always worth speaking to the university. At UEA, for example, we have 150 advisers available on results day to talk through options and speak to students and their teachers about the best fit for them.
  3. Don’t forget to ask about accommodation. When choosing a choice in Clearing or Adjustment, it’s useful to remind students to ask about accommodation availability and what they’re guaranteed, especially if they’re changing their mind about an option which includes a guarantee.
  4. Visit. Most universities will be open for students to explore the campus around this time. At UEA, we’re running daily campus tours from 17 – 24 August for students to find out more about our courses, see our accommodation, and get a feel for the campus.
If you have students who are looking for a place, we have some course vacancies in Clearing and Adjustment for new applicants interested in studying with us. Current vacancies can be found here, or students and advisers can call 0300 300 7994 to talk to the team at UEA and learn more about our Clearing and Adjustment vacancies.

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