Check out our latest adviser portal updates – we’ve been busy prioritising improvements which we feel will help you most.
Posted Tue 10 December 2019 - 09:12
Since launching the adviser portal in March, we’ve received some great feedback, and we’re pleased to see the digital journey we’ve embarked on has started in the right direction.

Like most new things, we’re aware some areas need more work, but we want you to know we’re listening, and continuously making improvements.

We’ve been working on…

In preparation for the 15 January deadline, we’ve been busy prioritising improvements which we feel will help you most, including:

  • Applicant notifications
    • When you return an application to a student, they now receive an email notification, within the hour, to let them know.
  • Number of applications
    • We’ve added a new feature so you can easily see the total number of your applications. This appears at the top of your application list, and updates accordingly when you add filters.
  • Adding a reference
    • There have been a number of fixes implemented to resolve some intermittent issues. We’ll also shortly be adding two new reference features – one which lets you know how many characters the reference is over, and another which warns you if you’re trying to navigate away without saving it.
  • Warning messages
    • An ‘Are you sure?’ message will appear when you hit ’Send to UCAS’ on an application.
  • Other improvements
    • You can download applications and references in PDF format.
    • Courses will no longer be removed from the ‘Application management’ view if the university or college closes a course after the deadline

What's next?

While we’re working on improvements following your feedback, some enhancements will take a little longer to develop, as they’re reliant on other products and services.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted on our progress – and please keep feeding back!


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