98% of teachers surveyed in 2016 said visiting a UCAS exhibition helped their students feel better informed.
Posted Thu 26 January 2017 - 11:47

Whether your students are interested in higher education, apprenticeships, volunteer and gap year programmes, or career opportunities, they’re sure to find something that appeals to them at our UCAS exhibitions in 2017.

As well as meeting admissions staff and subject specialists from different unis and HE colleges, your students will also get an insight into different work and study programmes, and have the chance to attend seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions.

Those unsure about their next steps can also find out about alternatives to uni, like gap years and volunteer opportunities. There really is something for everyone!

98% of teachers surveyed in 2016 said visiting a UCAS exhibition helped their students feel better informed.

Already booked? Make sure your students are prepared

All set to introduce your students to the wide range of post-18 options available to them? Pass on our top five tips, to help them make the most of their visit.

  1. Be prepared and make the most of your time – if you haven’t already, check out who’s exhibiting at the event and make note of those you don’t want to miss!
  2. Start thinking about what you’d like – don’t follow the crowd! Use the visit to find out what interests you most and the different options available in your preferred subject area.
  3. Keep your ticket handy – if you want to know more about a course or exhibitor, ask them to scan the unique barcode on your ticket so they can send you further information after the event.
  4. Ask questions, lots of questions – exhibitors and UCAS experts are on hand to help. Make the most of the chance to gather information face-to-face, rather than online.
  5. Most important, have fun! There’s a lot going on throughout the event, so get involved!

Don't forget — all attendees will need to register in advance and have their ticket ready to be scanned on the day. For the first time, as soon as they register, students can get access to subject-specific email updates, and relevant, timely articles which are tailored to their preferences. We’ll send them regular information bulletins, full of inspiration to help them get started on their application journey, as they research all their options.

Over 250,000 students visited a UCAS exhibition last year.

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