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Schools Team availability: 22 September
The Schools Team will be unavailable from 15:00 on Friday 22 September, due to staff training. They will open again, as usual, at 08:00 (UK time) on Monday 25 September.
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Planned maintenance: 22 – 23 September

We're carrying out planned maintenance from Friday 22 September until Saturday 23 September. This means that, at times, you may become disconnected from Apply for advisers.

Please do not make any changes to applications during the following times:

  • 07:30 – 08:00 on Friday 22 September
  • 07:30 – 08:00 on Saturday 23 September
  • 14:00 – 15:00 on Saturday 23 September

UCAS Undergraduate Apply may also become disconnected – we’re advising applicants to avoid making changes to their applications at the times listed above.

UCAS Undergraduate Track will also be unavailable between 09:00 – 11:00 on Saturday 23 September.

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First Final Destination Report now available

The first Final Destination Report showing you the status of your applicants is now available to download. 

Confirmation, Clearing and Adjustment toolkit for advisers

This UCAS toolkit is designed to help you pass on key information about Confirmation, Clearing and Adjustment to your students and their parents.
Preparing for results
If you're waiting for exam results, watch this video so you can prepare for results day and get to know what happens next.
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How do I apply through Clearing?
Emma from UCAS explains how you can make an application through the Clearing process.
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How to use Adjustment
If you've met and exceeded the conditions of your conditional firm offer, you may be able to use Adjustment to find an alternative course. This guide explains what Adjustment means and whether you're eligible.
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  • A note to advisers – gives an overview of the toolkit and advice to advisers.
  • Adviser checklist (85.23 KB)– this gives you a quick view of what you can do to make sure the process is as smooth as possible for your students.
  • Lesson exercises covering  Confirmation Clearing and  Adjustment, and the  answers (120.43 KB)to each – these can fit around a variety of learning styles. Each encourages individuals to do their own research so they know where to turn when they are faced with making decisions in the summer.
  • A parent communication –  this information can be copied into the format you use to communicate with parents. It provides all the key pointers which will hopefully ensure that parents and students alike are more informed about what to expect in the summer.
  • True or false exercise (150.48 KB)– this is all about providing clarity on some of those rumours that circulate each year; many of which cause applicants unnecessary worry. It could be used to prompt discussion in class.
  • Confirmation and Clearing poster – highlights specific areas of which will help students prepare for results day and Clearing. 
  • Posters covering the direct contact service (1.08 MB) Clearing, and  Adjustment – these can be displayed around your school or college to give students information on each of the services and how to find out more.