Book a UCAS speaker to visit your school or college, to explain a range of application topics.

What’s on offer?

  • Seminars and presentations, which can be delivered anywhere in the UK.
  • For larger events, with teachers and advisers from multiple UCAS centres, we can also provide workshops which can be personalised, depending on what you want to gain a better understanding of.

This training is flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs. Explore the topics we can cover below, or get in touch with our Professional Development Team on 01242 545 712, or at to make a bespoke enquiry.

Book a UCAS speaker

As a not-for-profit organisation, we offer a range of options to suit all requirements and budgets.
  • Grouping together with local schools to host a multiple-centred session? £125 + VAT.
  • Are you a new sixth form, or a recently merged academy with extensive training needs across a new staff team? £125 + VAT.
  • Single centre, looking for a speaker for your school on a bespoke basis? £300 + VAT.

If you're looking for a UCAS keynote, plenary or workshop for a conference, please go to the How can we help? section. 

Topics we cover

  • Applicant journey – visual presentation with clear structure and guidance on higher education applications and admissions.
  • Factors for successful applications – from encouraging in-depth research, to reference and personal statement writing.
  • Further differentiation tools – like admissions tests, interviews, and providing unit information – plus the impact of the A*.
  • Mature applicants – advice and guidance for education liaison staff, the QA framework for recognising post-19 achievement, new age legislation implications, and the proposed introduction of a credit system.
  • Personal statements – a presentation on the purpose, background and best practice of writing personal statements.
  • Progression to art and design – overview of the important roles of art foundation programmes, portfolios, and interviews.
  • Reference writing – a presentation on the process of writing UCAS references.
  • UCAS updates – the latest picture of admissions to higher education, plus updates on process, policy and best practice.

Who we talk to

  • Schools and colleges – sixth form heads, teachers and tutors, careers staff, curriculum managers and senior management.
  • Colleges – tutors, guidance staff, Aimhigher coordinators, curriculum managers, and senior management.
  • Connexions/careers organisations – personal advisers, guidance officers and managers.
  • Professional bodies – staff involved with qualifications and progression to higher education.
  • Employers – staff involved with recruitment policy, practice and training.

How can we help?

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