Here you’ll find information about our agent portal, and how to submit UCAS Undergraduate applications in 2020.

Developing our service to agents for UCAS Undergraduate applications

Just under 100 provider colleagues registered and attended, or viewed, our agent portal webinar on 7 June 2019 — watch a playback of the webinar. There was a wide range of questions about the agent portal, which we’ve summarised and provided detailed answers to in our FAQs (56.55 KB).

Our next agent portal webinar will take place from 10:00 — 11:00 on Wednesday 11 September. We’ll provide a general update on the development of the service, focusing on managing the transfer of agent data between UCAS and providers. Sign up now.

Getting ready for managing UCAS Undergraduate applications in 2020

Over 100 agencies have now been set up on the agent portal for UCAS Postgraduate applications, and we’re gathering feedback to help us improve the service. In response to this feedback, from September 2019 we’ll be introducing two new features:

  • Tag management for agents – allowing more flexible tagging of applications. 
  • Email notifications for agents – ensuring agents keep up-to-date with their students’ applications.

When Apply 2021 is set up for registered centres, we plan to switch all agencies who are registered centres onto the agent portal – to manage UCAS Undergraduate applications for all providers, and postgraduate applications for any providers using UCAS Postgraduate.

The launch of our agent portal for UCAS Undergraduate applications will link to the launch of the new UCAS Undergraduate application management service (AMS), and will offer a range of additional benefits. We’ll be working throughout 2019/20 with agencies, providers, and students to make sure this switch to a new service is successful, and meets the needs of our customers.

Before the launch, we’ll provide training materials, webinars, and online guides to make sure all those using the agent portal are fully prepared and able to continue offering support to applicants to UK universities.

If you have any questions please contact Mark Wilson, Strategy Manager at UCAS, at