Find out about the different types of users you can have in Apply for advisers, and how to set up the staff at your centre.
How the coordinator sets up each member of staff on the system depends on the role they’ll have in the process of managing applications.

Types of user

  • Coordinator – can access all areas, but can’t be a referee.
  • Coordinator/referee – can access all areas and can be a referee.
  • User – can see all applications in their allocated group(s), but can’t be a referee. (Exact levels of access are defined by the coordinator – see below.)
  • User/referee – can see all applications in their allocated group(s), and can be a referee.
  • Referee – can be a referee, but has no access to the system. This user type is sometimes given to school heads (or equivalent), so their name can appear on each reference, even if other members of staff actually write the references.

Usernames and passwords

The system automatically generates their individual username and password.

  • Your coordinator should make a note of the details for each user, because after leaving this screen, passwords are not displayed again.
  • When staff first sign in each year, they’ll be able to change their password to a personal one of their own choosing.
  • Then, for security, each year we'll send them an email containing a new username and password they can change.

The coordinator will only need to update records or access levels when they require any changes – otherwise they’ll just remain the same each year. If a staff member or student forgets their password, the coordinator can go to the ‘Security’ page in Apply and change it for them.

Please make sure you keep these records up-to-date, especially if staff leave or change role.

Permissions and access

The coordinator can give different levels of access for each user by assigning ‘permissions’.

Each user can have one or more permissions. They can:

  • view application
  • approve application
  • view reference
  • edit reference
  • approve reference
  • send to UCAS
  • delete application

These permissions can be across multiple groups, varying per group if required. Apply also allows you to give a person the same permissions across all groups, without having to re-key the details against each individual group.

By assigning permissions, each member can carry out their assigned tasks, and you can restrict key tasks to specific people.

  • For example, you might find it helpful to set up a member of your secretarial or administrative staff to edit references on behalf of the referee, and/or to send approved applications to us.
  • If so, the permission to send applications to us could be withheld from all other members of staff.

After all your staff and permissions are sorted, you can find information on adding references, approving applications and sending them to us on our website.

Permissions for Adviser Track and Applicant Status Reports (ASRs)

If your centre has registered to use our subscription services (Adviser Track and Applicant Status Reports), your coordinator can select which staff members have permission to use them.