We’ve developed this toolkit for UCAS advisers to help students looking to apply in 2021 make the right choices as they begin to consider higher education.

Are you preparing your students for life after school/college?

To help you support and guide them, we’ve developed this toolkit to communicate key information about higher education and the UCAS application process.

It contains a wide range of resources which can be used together or as part of a programme, as well as materials to share with teachers and parents.

Looking for 2022 cycle resources? We’ve created a new dedicated toolkit for the 2022 cycle.

Go to the 2022 cycle toolkit

Student activities

We’re creating a series of homework packs to help you support those who are starting their research into university and college.

Developed by our expert team, these short self-led tasks take students through the early uni research stages, encouraging them to explore their options on ucas.com and in more depth in the UCAS Hub. Because they’re designed in Microsoft Word, they can be added to homework apps or emailed directly to students to complete.

Each month, we’ll be releasing a new series – so keep an eye out!


Supporting tools

  • The UCAS Hub – explore options, compare courses, find open days, follow a simple to-do list and lots more. With all the tools and information your students need in one place, this is the perfect starting point for their research.
  • Virtual open days – we’ve created a centralised listing for upcoming uni virtual open days, and a handy video giving students tips on how to make the most out of them.
  • Unibuddy – a chance for your students to talk to current undergraduates, to find out what studying a particular course or going to university is really like.
  • The buzz quiz – helping students discover their strengths and the type of jobs they may enjoy.
  • What are my options? – information about the variety of post-18 options available to your students.

Information for students

  • Making the right choices presentation (50.37 MB) – for Years 12 and 13 students. This presentation gives an overview of the opportunities available and highlights future options, including the benefits of higher education.
  • Mythbusters handout – there are many myths about higher education. We’ve dispelled the top ones in this useful handout.
  • Applying through UCAS presentation – for students who have decided they want to apply to higher education. It highlights where to start, key dates, and also gives an overview of the application and tracking process.
  • Application process handout (103.39 KB)– we’ve broken the higher education application process down into three simple steps in this handout, including when we need to receive applications.

Useful posters to download

Information for parents

UCAS parents' evening presentation (23.44 MB) – we know parents look to you for information on the UCAS process. That’s why we’ve developed a presentation you can give to them at open days or parent evenings. It illustrates the benefits of higher education, outlines the application process, and advises parents on what they can do to support their child.