What apprenticeships are available in England?

There are four types or levels of apprenticeship available in England, for over 1,500 job roles.

The types of apprenticeship are:

Azrah, Level 6 clinical trials specialist degree apprentice

I realised I work better in a practical environment – learning hands-on. I knew apprenticeships existed at Level 3 or 4 but didn’t know they existed to degree level... I liked the behind the scenes industry that makes the technology and profession possible. I found out about [degree] apprenticeships through a lot of research, and applied to a few with clinical trials positions.

Each level has different entry requirements, and each apprenticeship vacancy will specify what these are, along with the qualities the employer is looking for. For higher and degree apprenticeships, employers generally ask for A levels and other Level 3 qualifications.

  • The level of apprenticeship you start at will depend on the qualifications you have, the job role, and apprenticeship standard the employer wants to use. 
  • You can progress your career and work all the way up through the higher and degree level apprenticeships for some job roles and career areas. You can also progress onto other further or higher education courses, including degrees and postgraduate courses.

Over 70 universities, and around 200 colleges, are approved to deliver higher and degree apprenticeships. This list is growing all the time as new apprenticeships are developed, and more employers look to recruit apprentices. Each apprenticeship vacancy will identify the university or college involved.

See our sectors and industries offering apprenticeships list to see what's available, and take a look at the government's A-Z list of apprenticeships.

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