What’s involved in an apprenticeship in Northern Ireland?

How you'll spend your time on an apprenticeship in Northern Ireland, and how you'll be assessed.

Maisy, Level 6 software engineering apprentice

This apprenticeship is good because you get short bursts of different sectors. There are four placements normally. In a traditional degree, you get one year out in one sector. Last year I did Forensic Services – forensic technology. Working with whistleblowers saying someone has committed fraud, building up a full database of files to present to the law firm. I enjoyed it.

As an apprentice, you will be a new or existing employee, in a Northern Ireland-based company, working with experienced staff and learning from colleagues across all levels of the business. You’ll also spend time at college or with a training provider for ‘off-the-job’ training.

Usually you are with the employer four days a week, and with the training provider one day a week. This learning and part-time study element of an apprenticeship focuses on the qualifications and skills you need to achieve. 

You'll complete assessments during and at the end of the programme, which test your academic learning and occupational competence developed through training and study. 

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You can find details of what you'll learn in the framework for each apprenticeship: