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Everything you need to know about banking and finance apprenticeships

Get into banking with an apprenticeship and find out how it stacks up against the university route
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As the UK has one of the largest banking systems in the world, you’ll find plenty of choices where you could do a banking apprenticeship.

From the retail banks on your high street to commercial banks focusing on finance for business, or investment banks in the City of London to the Bank of England. Our downloadable guide  (4.64 MB)features all of this information and more.

What to expect from a banking or finance apprenticeship?

The financial services professional apprenticeship should take around thre and a half years to complete and enable you to explain complex information, provide specialist advice to business customers, provide investment advice, and manage processes and transactions.

What's it like to be an apprentice in the finance sector?

Watch now: find out more about Ciaran's life as an apprentice for RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) in this short video. When you're finished download the guide to learn more about apprenticeships in finance and banking.

Average salary for a banking or finance apprenticeship

The average salary for an apprenticeship in the banking/finance industry is £20,218, according to RateMyApprenticeship’s Top 100 Employers 2018-2019, making it the industry offering the highest average salary.

Top employers for banking or finance apprentices

Top employers for banking/finance apprenticeships include Santander (#5 across all sectors), Goldman Sachs (#6) – both making the top 10 – and J.P. Morgan (#30).

What the Banking Apprenticeship Guide covers
  • What banking apprenticeships are and what types of degree or higher apprenticeships are available in the industry, from roles in commercial banks to investment banking.
  • What a banking apprenticeship entails, work/study balance with examples of entry requirements for schemes, and how the university route compares to an apprenticeship.
  • What real-life apprentices and employers think about banking apprenticeships.
  • How and where to apply for vacancies and future prospects for apprentices.
  • Examples of companies and organisations running apprenticeships in the banking and finance sector, with links to useful websites.
  • An example of an apprenticeship application process from start to finish from a leading finance company.

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