What are creative and media apprenticeships?

Interested in working in the creative or media industry but not sure what your options are? Consider an apprenticeship to learn while you earn.
What should I expect as an apprentice in the creative and media industry?

As an apprentice in the creative industry you may find yourself learning a variety of skills from how to engage users on social media to learning about stage lighting to developing new project management expertise on cross-company projects.

Where can I find creative and media apprenticeships in England?

A lot of creative apprenticeships are based around major cities such as London, Manchester and Bristol, so it might take you a bit more time if

you’re looking for something more regional. If you enjoy ‘learning by doing’ but still want a degree qualification, an apprenticeship in the creative industry may be for you.

Top employers for creative and media apprentices

The BBC and Warner Bros rank #34 and #100 respectively in RateMyApprenticeship’s Top 100 Employers 2018-2019.

Where can I learn more about creative or media apprenticeships?

Our guide covers three of the most popular creative apprenticeship sectors you might be aware of; digital media and marketing, journalism, and theatre and live events. Learn more about what the guide covers below:

  • Explore degree or higher degree apprenticeships and the benefits they can offer you, including how to earn a degree without tuition fees while also getting paid.
  • Find examples of apprenticeships across the creative and media sector, looking at roles in traditional media, marketing, social media, and theatre.
  • Hear what apprentices have learned from this field and how they feel about their apprenticeship schemes.
  • Find out how to apply and where to apply for apprenticeship vacancies including what companies offer these apprenticeships, for example The Times, BBC, and the Royal Shakespeare Company.
  • See what employers are looking for when they recruit, with guidance and tips on what to expect from the application cycle.

Download the creative and media apprenticeship guide. (4.84 MB)