Below are some common questions we have already been asked, alongside our answers. If you have a different question you need answering, simply use the contact link below and one of our team will be happy to help you.

How will we get all the information onto the site?

This service is an extension of a university’s current marketing strategy. Providers can enter and manage their own details so they can adjust what is displayed based on what is required. The way we display their information is flexible and able to adapt to local markets – to ensure that the information is both accurate and of use to the students using the site.

Who is it for?

Applicants – we know that student accommodation is such a big influencer, so providing that information early in their research (from year 12) is a big USP. But also, current uni students going into their 2nd, 3rd , or 4th year, or even postgrad. That is where the strength of our brand comes in – those students have already put their trust in UCAS when they applied, so we need to make sure they understand we can also now help them with their home from home.

Is it just a search tool?

That is most definitely the focus, but one of the main reasons we created this site is to help students understand their accommodation options. It also includes relevant content to help add the context around their search.

How much does it cost?

The accommodation search is free to all universities and colleges who are members of UCAS. 

There is a cost for private providers wishing to be listed on the platform - get in touch at and the team will provide more information. 

How do I sign up?

Get in touch with the team using the form below and they'll explain next steps.

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