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14. September Playlist

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Being away from home for the start of the academic year always leaves me feeling a little gloomy. For that reason, my playlist tends to reflect this but also how I'm trying to find things to look forward to again. Everybody has days when they need something to listen to which just comprehends entirely what goes beyond words. Often I find that that results in film soundtracks being my main listening material, because those melodies tell so many stories which could only ever be scored in that sort of situation by someone such as Zimmer or Williams. 
My September playlist this year will probably also be closely linked to my overall collection for Autumn, so be sure to let me know what links you find and which you enjoyed listening to. And als oif you have any recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments below. For now, here are some of my favourite tracks at the moment:
1. We could go home - The Hunger Games
Ironically, I'm also writing about this for an essay at the moment. The book and film series (particularly the first of each) I find fascinating and this particular piece from the soundtrack always makes me feel so many things. This is my evening listening usually, alongside the theme from Finding Nemo. Classics which never get old.
2. Passenger - Autumn Leaves
Anything with a string quartet and you'll find me there, especially if there is the added bonus of lyrics by the incredibly talented Passenger. This was initially added because of the Autumn theme but stayed because again, it really gets what I feel about being homesick but also being happy. There is a positive and a negative to every situation which can sometimes cause a paradox, and when you have the right music to let you know that you're not alone it can feel much better.

3. Post Modern Jukebox/Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

This classic sound fused with one of the latest releases to top the charts makes me beyond happy to listen to. Anything written with those typical Bond semi-tones makes for interesting listening. I think it definitely adds an entirely different level of drama to what was already a statement tune. I think this is my favourite version so far - hitting repeat.
4. Mika - Take It Easy 
Mika always ends up on my playlists, or at least that has been the case ever since I can remember. Even with a negative theme, there is something uplifitng about the chords and lyrics. Together they always leave me feeling a bit more motivated to take on the challenges ahead. This one is currently reminding me to pace myself - studying is good but only with breaks afterall!
5. What I've Been Looking For
Can you believe it's been 10 years since High School Musical? All of the nostalgia! This one gives me nostalgia but again, reminds me of the positives. I think that's a running theme for September. What a good idea - a slowed down version with an added sprinkle of jazz. 
Thank-you for all your support and comments. It is a fantastic thing to be able to help answer any of your questions and to share my adventure with all of you. 
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