How to choose between the unis you’ve applied to

Friday 25 June 2021, Applicant

by Brendon

How to choose between the unis you’ve applied to


So everyone's question is always about which uni to go to. Firstly, before you make a decision, it is wise that you have a look at the university as you do not want to be shocked when you get to moving to the uni.

University becomes your second home, so with that in mind you have to go somewhere that you will enjoy your uni experience, besides you don't want to spend three or four years of your life at a uni you don’t feel comfortable at. It's wise that you chose the uni yourself, this shouldn’t be anyone’s decision apart from your own. A lot of people apply for a different course, so go to the uni that offers your first option, also have a look at the ranks of the uni to see where you stand.  At least by going to an open day, you will know what you will expect when you then go to the uni.

For me, it was really simple to make up my mind. The uni that offered me the place was the one I picked, because for me it was a sign that this was the right uni. Besides the uni has a great reputation, so clearly it was a no brainer. Also, there are other things to bear in mind like how far the uni is from your family as you might be traveling home during uni breaks and could cost a lot if travelling far. Think about accommodation aswell, do you like where you are going to be residing, is there parking if you drive or how easy it is to commute?

Think about your course like which uni offers the best modules for that particular course. Also, maybe you are considering going abroad for a semester, do you have the chance to do that? Usually most the information is found on the website, which can also help cause you have something when comparing the unis. Besides the course, what enrichment programs does the uni offer, is there something that you enjoy or might consider doing, such as sports or societies.

The decision is all yours and no one should say where you go, as they could be wrong then you won't enjoy it at all. It can be hard sometimes, but if you need help making a decision then maybe ask your friends, family or even some individuals that might be at the uni’s that you have applied to.

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