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Professional skills tests

Thursday 16 March 2017, Teacher Training


Professional skills tests

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If you're applying for teacher training programmes in England, you may have seen that some providers ask for professional skills tests as one of the entry requirements. In this blog, we’ll answer three of the most frequently asked questions our advisers receive.

1. Do I need to take a professional skills test?
Before you start a teacher training programme in England, you must have passed the professional skills tests in numeracy and literacy. Some training providers may require you to complete them before your interview, or ask you to complete them by a certain date as a condition of your offer – check with your chosen training providers to confirm. If you’re applying for training programmes in Wales, it is not a requirement to pass the skills tests.

2. When can I book a professional skills test?
You cannot sit your professional skills test until you have completed and submitted your application, and received your ‘G2 welcome letter’ email. When filling in your application, you only need to include a date if you have previously sat your skills tests. If you haven’t, you should select ‘no’ and leave the date blank. After submitting your application, we can update your skills tests dates and candidate number for you, if you need to do this.

You can book your skills tests through learndirect, but places are on a first-come, first- served basis so it’s worth trying to book a space as soon as you have made your application. You can book a test up to three months in advance.

3. Who do I contact if I can’t find a suitable booking slot? 
The learndirect helpdesk is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00. To book your tests, or re-arrange an existing test date if you have not yet received your UCAS application welcome letter, call 0300 303 9613 or email

We’ve got lots of advice about entry requirements for teacher training programmes in England on If you have any questions, get in touch with the training providers you're interested in - some training programmes have many more applications than places available, so their requirements might be higher.

There’s also plenty of support to help you get ready, including practice tests, on the Get Into Teaching website. For a full overview and additional information about the tests, visit the Department for Education’s dedicated skills tests website.