Student Accommodation

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Applying for student accommodation is the next step in terms of moving out and moving onwards with your degree. Currently, I too am in that process and it can be as time consuming as previously applying for UCAS and for student finance was. What I mean to say is, you really have to think about what you're doing. Unlike these other applications, student living comes after your offer has been accepted and this means you have much less time to apply. When applying, like when you were applying to all of your choices, make sure you bear in mind:

1. Is this the university you want to go to?
Once you have begun making payments for your place of living, there will be a lot of money and time you cannot get back if you do wish to revoke your application for a place and decide you want to accept another. If the place is your first choice and you feel you stand a good chance of gaining the requirements to accept your place, then this will make the application process feel more worthwhile.

2. Do you want to move away from home?
Many people get home sick or simply like the area where they live - there is nothing wrong with this! But it does make moving away much harder. If moving out is something you feel you want to do and need to do in order to move on with your studies, then it can be a fantastic decision. However, if you decide you want to move out and change your mind, like in 1, this means a lot of trouble can be caused in later stages.

3. Can you afford to stay in halls of residence?
Halls can often be more expensive meaning that sometimes it can be easier to stay at home. Obviously this is not always possible, but halls are not the only place to stay. When considering accommodation options, ask the college if they have connections to any other places of student living which you could apply to. You will often find these places are much easier to afford due to the fact that they are less in demand (although, of course, there will still be many applying)

4. Get your application in as early as possible!
As mentioned in 3, Halls and any place of student living will be in high demand so it is better to get your application in as early as possible. This way, you are more likely to gain access to one of your first choices (e.g. a three bedroom flat instead of a 7) Also, as with all of these never ending applications, once you have the application out of the way, you have more time to focus on getting into university opposed to what you will do once you get there.

5. Remember to not be complacent
Although you have so far reached the accommodation process, don't let it allow you to become complacent. If you do, then you won't be working as hard to achieve what you need to get into university. As fantastic as it is that you have come so far, conditional offers mean that you have to get what the college says to accept your place. If you pay for accommodation and don't pass, it is still highly likely that there will be money you will be required to pay off for living, despite not even living there!

6. Make yourself comfortable
Get to know the area and make sure your student finance and any job related paper work is sorted long before the summer holidays so that things will be prepared for your first day of enrolment. In enrolment week, it is the norm that student loans don't get into your bank account for around a week so in order to get your keys and gain access to your room for that first week, you will probably be asked to make an on the spot deposit before your student finance has become accessible to them. But if you do have all this done by enrolment day, think how relieved you will be and how much easier it will make the whole process!

As always, I hope you are all doing well with the application process and that revision is going well. Best of luck!