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Consider Clearing – 70,000 applicants got a place through Clearing last year. You'll have lots of options and diverse choices.

1:22 2 months ago 3 

Don' panic, you have options including Extra and Clearing. Talk to a UCAS adviser or your teacher for advice.

0:54 2 months ago 36 

Yes, universities have said they will be as flexible as possible in this unprecedented time.

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There are plenty of opportunities and choice. There were lots of course in Clearing last year, so take your time to consider your options.

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The right processes are being put in place so these students are able to progress at the same time as their peers taking other qualifications.

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Do not worry, or panic. The system is robust, and this year is just as valuable as any year.

1:09 2 months ago 9 

Resits will be taken as soon as possible, hopefully in the autumn with results in January. Contact the uni you're hoping to go to for advice first.

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Keep connected with UCAS and unis as things are changing quickly. You'll have plenty of choices, take your time and make well-informed decisions.

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No students will be disadvantaged. Teachers know their students well and a fair judgement will be made on grades across centres.

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You can be revising, reading, and studying for your finals, along with spending time with family. It's important to look after your mental health.

1:21 2 months ago 3 

No, schools and colleges will not be standardised. The process will be fair for all schools and colleges.

1:55 2 months ago 5 

Teachers will make a holistic judgement across all of your studies. This will be checked and signed off by another teacher, and the Head will oversee.

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It's too early to say, but the entire approach is being led by medical evidence. All unis are providing tuition in some format to complete the year.

1:47 2 months ago 5 

No additional work will be set to feed into your grade, and no student will be disadvantaged if they were unable to finish work after schools closed.