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2:37 4 years ago 23 

At Queen’s, we believe our students pave the way to a better future, and a world-class education is the single most important step.

3:05 4 years ago 23 

Watch as our students explore Cardiff and sample some of the places that make our and their home unique. Our city, your home. Come and join us.

1:33 2 years ago 17 

Plymouth University hosts a range of exciting degree courses taught by our expert academics and supported with world-class facilities.

0:30 3 years ago 14 

See what working as an Engineering Officer in the RAF involves. Harry is 27 and oversees 60 technicians and 12 state-of-the-art Typhoons.

0:30 3 years ago 14 

Ellie’s 19 and works with the Red Arrows, harnessing her skills whilst travelling all over the world.

1:00 4 years ago 14 

Magic Mike pranked unsuspecting students and their gadgets at Freshers Fairs, with hilarious results - watch the reactions!

0:24 4 years ago 14 

Laura's money saving advice includes preparing food at home to restrict spending on campus.

2:22 4 years ago 13 

What goes on in the average student kitchen? One student gives us a tour and tells us what he’s cooking for some pre-prepared meals.

1:03 3 years ago 12 

Stephanie is 21, loved to cook but wanted a real challenge. Now a chef in the RAF, she's mastered every kitchen.

1:01 4 years ago 12 

Echo Factory offer innovative and flexible course that put you straight at the heart of the music industry.