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Going to a university open day will help you see if it's the right place for you. Follow our tips to get the most of the visit.

5:39 4 years ago 38 

Find out what qualifications could be right for you.

2:44 3 years ago 14 

Find out how Katriina was able to use her volunteering experiences to help her get into university to study politics and journalism.

1:40 4 years ago 14 

Watch this video to find out what options are available to you for post-16 life and education.

3:05 4 years ago 13 

Trying to decide which college or sixth form to go to? Have you thought about visiting an open day? Hear what other students have to say about them

3:16 3 years ago 12 

Find out how you can volunteer for a cause you are passionate about, make a difference, meet new people and learn new skills.

2:51 3 years ago 10 

From volunteering to job hunting, find out how Kevin and Namrah found paid work using the skills and experience they gained through volunteering.

1:08 4 years ago 7 

Learn more about Academic qualifications in this animated video.

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0:55 4 years ago 6 

Watch this animated video to find out about Occupational qualifications.

3:43 4 years ago 6 

So - you've made your application to college or sixth form - what now? Use this video to find out how to message your providers and reply to offers.

3:51 5 years ago 6 

We talk to the CEO of Team Up! who talks about her fears and reasons for going to university, and what she found inspiring about her adventure.