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Students describe a typical day at Edinburgh University's Vet School.

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University College Birmingham is a specialised, vocational university situated right in the heart of Birmingham’s vibrant city centre.

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University College Birmingham is truly global in reach and we warmly welcome applications from international students.

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UCB's sport courses focus on coaching, sports therapy, fitness, massage and sports management.

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From chef training, hospitality to culinary science and product development, UCB enjoys an international reputation for its outstanding courses.

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There is a proven need for food technologists with specialist bakery and/or patisserie backgrounds in industry.

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UCB's creative services lead the way with the latest hairdressing, beauty therapy and spa management course for school-leavers through to degree-level

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In the increasingly competitive business environment, there is rising demand for creativity, innovation and uniqueness.

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UCB equips learners with a strong foundation for working with children and families in a range of settings.

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Explore the campus, facilities, and bustling city of Plymouth where you could be living, studying and socialising.

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Learn more about Occupational Therapy with Plymouth University, a course which prepares you to help people deal with challenges in life.