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0:44 18 hours ago 0 
What are the big life lessons you learn at university? Here we look at what actually goes on when you start studying.
0:35 5 days ago 0 
We get the lowdown on what the average student buys in their weekly shop.
0:53 2 weeks ago 0 
Maths student, Sultana tells us about her part-time job and whether it's important to earn money while studying.
1:12 4 days ago 1 
We talk about hopes for the future and what the next year has in store.
0:49 1 week ago 3 
Where do students relax on campus? Telma lets us know her favourite spots.
3:47 10 months ago 10 
Watch this video if you're starting your application to higher education to find out how to apply.
0:58 1 week ago 0 
Telma talks to us about campus fashion and how her style has changed during her studies.
0:21 2 weeks ago 0 
Business Management student, Muhammad gives us an insight into his favourite student discounts and the best deals he uses at university.
2:55 2 weeks ago 1 
How are students stereotyped? Does this stereotype affect the way landlords, politicians and service providers treat us? Students discuss.
0:45 6 days ago 1 
Tom gives his top tips for the best social gatherings and talks about getting to know your housemates before you move in.
0:43 1 week ago 1 
Sandwich-year student, Telma talks to us about her plans for the near future and where she can find help to achieve her goals.
0:33 2 weeks ago 0 
Sebastian tells us how you can eat healthy and keep your food budget low.
0:29 2 weeks ago 1 
Salvador gives his tips for the best time to hit the library and how he gets on with exams and assignments.