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4:24 3 years ago 169 

What exactly does UCAS do once you've made an application to higher education? Join Simone as she applies through UCAS.

0:44 1 year ago 41 

We asked university admissions staff what the main features of a successful applicant are.

3:47 2 years ago 85 

Preparing for teacher training interviews.

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0:09 2 years ago 2 

Cassie likes to make full use of her discounts in the hairdressers.

2:31 1 month ago 1 

Video provided by the Welsh Government.

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All eligible Welsh students starting a part-time or a full-time undergraduate course from September 2018 will have access to financial support.

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3:17 1 month ago 1 

If you've used all five choices and are not holding any offers, you may be able to add another choice.

2:16 2 months ago 1 

Find out what happens when you finish your course and start to repay your student loan.

1:39 2 months ago 3 

You may be able to get help to pay your tuition fees if you're studying at a uni or college in England.

1:29 2 months ago 3 

Don’t delay your student finance application! Make sure you send the right evidence first time.

1:58 2 months ago 1 

You can get extra help to cover the cost of childcare or other course-related costs while you study. Find out what's available.