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3:37 6 years ago 162 

Understand the decisions made by universities and colleges before replying to your offers.

2:19 5 years ago 5 

It takes a remarkable person to be a nurse. This is a profession where joy meets sadness, where courage must outweigh fear.

1:46 2 years ago 2 

Davina McCall is a TV presenter. (Credit: iCould)

5:02 6 years ago 66 

Practical advice on writing informative references, and four referees tell us how to successfully manage the process.

3:09 2 years ago 104 

How to fill in your education and qualification details.

2:24 2 years ago 18 

Helpful advice and tips on your Personal Statement from Staffordshire University.

14:00 1 month ago 0 

UCAS adviser, Ian, tells you where you can find an applicant's Personal ID number in this short video.

20:00 1 month ago 0 

UCAS adviser, James, explains the importance of double checking your students' qualifications in their UCAS applications.

11:00 1 month ago 0 

If you're having some troubles sending your students' applications, this short video is just for you!

23:00 1 month ago 0 

A short vlog from UCAS adviser, Ian, on how you can edit the reference section.