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If you're looking for, you may be wondering why you've landed on the UCAS website. There's no need to panic β€“  CUKAS has changed its name to UCAS Conservatoires and all the information and advice you would have found on is right here, plus some useful new pages. 

What is UCAS Conservatoires?

UCAS Conservatoires is the new name for the Conservatoires UK Admissions Service (CUKAS).

It is the application service for performance-based music, dance, drama, and musical theatre courses at conservatoires in the UK β€“ at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Conservatoire courses are very much based on practical training and performance, rather than the more academic courses available through UCAS Undergraduate and UCAS Postgraduate. If you're interested in a practical discipline, such as instrumental or vocal performance, then a conservatoire course may be a more beneficial route for you.

All the information, advice and guidance you'll need to make your application to study at a conservatoire is available here.

During your application journey you may see references to CUKAS and the CUKAS website. This will be updated over the coming application cycle and any links to the old CUKAS website will be redirected to 

Why are we doing this?

We are rebranding from CUKAS to UCAS Conservatoires to align the UCAS portfolio of services with UCAS Undergraduate, UCAS Progress, UCAS Postgraduate, and UCAS Teacher Training.

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