Business units

Find out what each of our business units do.

Analysis and Insights

The Analysis and Insights business unit provides high quality research and analysis services to underpin the UCAS business and meet the needs of our customers.

The team delivers:

  • operational statistics and business reporting
  • analysis and research for external events and media enquiries
  • datasets, analysis and collaborative or contract research for HE providers and strategic partners

External Relations

The External Relations business unit provides intelligence and insight to enhance UCAS’ reputation, and to drive and inform the strategic development of products and services. The unit comprises many functions, including Policy and Qualifications, Press and Public Relations, Post-16 Development (including UCAS Progress), Marketing, and Events. The unit is responsible for how UCAS communicates externally, including the design and delivery of communications campaigns, and the management of communications channels.

Finance and Corporate Services

Our Finance and Corporate Services business unit is a fusion of multiple functions — financial planning and accounting, facilities and building management, procurement, programme and project management, corporate governance and performance, organisational development, enterprise architecture, legal and compliance, and the CEO Office.

The Finance Team also defines UCAS' financial strategy.


The Technology business unit is responsible for digitising the UCAS business model. UCAS IT is comprised of Enterprise Architecture (People/Process/Data/Technology), IT Engagement Management, Service Development, Solution Delivery and Service Assurance. Operating in a responsive, agile manner, Technology delivers the digital products and services used by students, providers, advisers, and commercial partners. In addition, Technology provides the corporate infrastructure (e.g. networks, communications) and information systems (e.g. CRM, ERP) necessary to ensure UCAS is an efficient and effective 'digital by default' enterprise.


Our Operations business unit is at the heart of UCAS, and is responsible for the planning, oversight, and delivery of the end-to-end annual admissions delivery cycle across all UCAS schemes. This includes key services and events covering the processing of applications, collection of courses data, verification services, Awarding Body Linkage (ABL), SQA results day, A level results day, Confirmation and Clearing, and managing other critical milestones for all UCAS schemes. The Customer Experience function of the department is responsible for how UCAS communicates with a whole range of audiences, such as providers, students, and commercial clients, providing them with accurate and quality information, resources, and advice throughout their educational progression.

UCAS Media

Our UCAS Media team manages relationships with our private and public sector customers, and looks after all of UCAS' revenue-generating and fundraising activity.

Chief Executive Office

The Chief Executive Office business unit is responsible for CEO support and HR. The HR function includes Talent and Learning, Recruitment, HR Operations, and HR Business Partnering.