We are committed to creating data and analysis to better understand admissions to higher education.

Whether it’s to expand your marketing impact, secure your recruitment position, or develop a new course offering, UCAS and UCAS Media have the insight to help clarify your next steps.

With us, and our range of both free and value added data products and services, you’ll think differently about the way you use data to make decisions. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.

Please speak to your Customer Success Director to discuss the products available as part of your capitation fee, or contact a member of our specialist Insight Team on  01242 544 881 to find out about our full range of data products and services.

Digestible data products

Purpose-built, easy access solutions, to provide evidence and inform your decision-making.

EXACT is a UCAS Media data service that can deliver datasets to a particular specification. It allows the customer to request data around applicants and provision to the UCAS Undergraduate and UCAS Conservatoires schemes. With a growing roster of over 200 variables, the user can subset and cross-tabulate the data by attributes of the applicants and courses in any combination. Statistics including number of applicants, applications, offers, replies, and acceptances can be requested for the chosen specification.


Provider EXACT Record Supplies (PERS) is a UCAS data service that gives UCAS Undergraduate and UCAS Conservatoires provider customers with their underlying data from EXACT as a computer readable file, free of charge. Access to this raw data allows customers to understand their position during and/or at the end of the application cycle, benchmark, and analyse their year-on-year trends. Files contain one record for each application and acceptance at the provider, and will be in CSV format.

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STROBE can track individuals into the UCAS applications system, and report anonymously on their outcomes or characteristics at aggregate levels. Users can request different output measures or reporting categories, according to what is best for their data. STROBE is particularly suitable for anonymous evaluation of application and entry outcomes from groups of individuals who have taken part in activities designed to encourage entry to higher education.

Data masterclasses

Identify your position in the market with an overview of your performance, and your nearest competitors, across a series of key areas.

Supported by our experts, discover your strengths and weaknesses, contextualise industry trends, and identify your immediate challenges in this half-day session. Using our decades of experience and data on the higher education sector, we will place your university or college at the heart of a presentation designed to highlight your areas of priority, and where your competitive advantages lie.

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Insight days

Identify your most pressing challenge, and tackle it head on, in a day spent with our experts, converting analysis into insight.

By overlaying key analytical information and data, we’re able to drive new insights, specific to you. Following your briefing, for one day, we’ll bring our experts to you to explore the theme in detail, and facilitate discussion on what this might mean for you.

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Bespoke data consultancy

Generating actionable recommendations for your most complex challenges, our consultancy projects comprise the best of our people, analysis, sector knowledge, and first party data, to deliver something bespoke to you.

Combining our resources with yours, we work on a specific set of problems to deliver brand new insight and recommendations, unique to your organisation and goals. From identifying profitable markets, to designing new portfolios, taking on a big competitor to meeting new regulations, this collaborative approach is targeted and outcome-driven.

Your dedicated UCAS team of data scientists, insight analysts, policy specialists, and sector consultants, will build your report. Then, we deliver our advised course of action in person at your business, and discuss next steps.

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UCAS' data for research use

UCAS provides a rich set of data available for researchers to access via the ONS's Secure Research Service, as well as other secure data services.