BA French Studies Taster Course - Institute in Paris, University of London

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30 May 2024, University of London, London

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If you are interested in studying at the Institute in Paris, please join us in London for a Taster Day on Thursday 30 May. You will have the chance to experience a French Studies lecture and meet passionate academic staff.
Thu 30 May 2024 - 13:15

French Republicanism and its Discontents

In France, the idea of the “nation” and of the “Republic” are deeply intertwined. To be French means to be a republican. The notion of the Republic is commonly and interchangeably associated with a political system and its institutions; a historical moment (the French Revolution of 1789); a set of ideas (Enlightenment philosophy, political liberalism, the Rights of Man, laïcité); symbols (the tricolour flag, Bastille Day, the Marseillaise); and universal values (liberté, égalité, fraternité).
Reminders of France’s republican identity are everywhere: from street names to school classrooms to the façades of public edifices. In addition to these countless visual reminders, public discourse is replete with republican references. French politicians are adept at “republicanizing” party names (Les Républicains, La République en Marche) and speeches through concepts such as “ordre républicain”, “école républicaine”, “police républicaine”.

From the French #MeToo movement to the Justice pour Adama movement, a new generation of activists are challenging dominant framings of French republicanism and developing new understandings of "what it means to be French" in contemporary France. In this taster course we will discuss the significance of "republicanism" in contemporary French politics.

The French Studies Taster Course will be followed by a 30-minute introduction to life at the Institute in Paris. The sessions will then be concluded with a tea reception, where you will have the opportunity to meet academic and admissions staff.


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