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Last date to apply in Extra for 2020 entry

5 July 2020

Today is the last date that an applicant can add an Extra choice in Track on a UCAS Undergraduate application for 2020 entry.
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Sun 5 July 2020

So, what is Extra?

Extra is another chance for you to gain a place at university or college, between 25 February and 5 July. If you used all five of your choices on your original application and you’re not holding an offer, you’ll be able to add another choice using Extra.

If you did not use all your choices in your initial application, you can just add another choice in Track, as long as it’s before 30 June, and you’ve not accepted or declined any offers. Remember, if you originally only applied to one choice and want to add more, you’ll be asked to pay the additional £6 application fee in Track.

If you don’t hold any offers after 5 July, you will be able to add an additional choice using Clearing.

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