University of Portsmouth - Virtual Criminology Taster Days

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26 January 2021, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth

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Where there's civilisation, there's crime. It's a global concern, both on a local and international scale.
Tue 26 January 2021 - 10:30 to 12:15

Studying a Criminology degree means looking at the deep lying reasons behind criminal behaviour. What social and psychological factors motivate their actions? What are the effects of crime on people and communities?

It also means considering ways of identifying and preventing crime using techniques from forensics to cyber technology. It means you, tackling one of society's biggest challenges.

Up to the challenge? Discover the fascinating and complex world of Criminology at our virtual taster day and see why we're leading the way in Criminology studies at Portsmouth.

At our Criminology taster day, you’ll:
- Find out what it’s like to study Criminology, Forensic Studies, and Criminal Justice at degree level
- Be the judge and the jury in discussing and solving a real Crown Court case
- Watch talks on why people offend, COVID-19 and the new challenges of cybercrime, using forensics to save the world's most-trafficked animal, how to use insects to explore circumstances surrounding death and using simulated environments to understand burglar behaviour
- Ask current students your questions and hear about their active learning experiences
- Discover our links to industry and get ready to follow our previous students into graduate jobs in the fields of law enforcement, probation, crime rehabilitation, cybercrime, counter fraud and crime prevention
- Pick and choose what you’d like to get involved in, from a collection of online webinars, student chat and advice


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