Modes of study

Full-time or part-time postgraduate courses, and which other study modes are available? Find out the pros and cons of each study mode.

Why should I choose the UK for postgraduate studies?

Over 45% of international students in the UK are here to complete a postgraduate degree, because it has some of the world’s top-ranking universities, leading the way in pioneering research and academic studies. This page explains the postgraduate options available, how to apply, and some of the benefits of studying in the UK.

Choosing between similar courses

How do you choose the right postgraduate course? Many are similar so, if you are unsure, here are some ideas on how to choose the right one for you.

Why study postgraduate?

Postgraduate study can be rewarding in its own right. And it can also be an investment in your future. Find out more.

UCAS consultations

We periodically undertake national consultations to gain feedback and views from customers and stakeholders, on the strategic direction of our core services.

UCAS terms explained

We use quite a few terms in the application process. We’ve explained them all here, if you need to check what any mean.


Facts about the TechBAc: who they're for, what do I need to get in, where can I study one and what's involved, and what you can do afterwards.

Classroom resources

Resources to help you help your students search for courses and decide what to do, including lesson plans, and websites and services for schools.

UCAS' responses to consultations

In this section are a number of UCAS responses and comments in relation to relevant consultations and other key publications. Click on each consultation to view and download the details.


Find additional financial support for travel, meals and accommodation costs, course equipment, and childcare from one of these schemes.