How to become a social worker

Social workers offer support to those most in need, whether it’s a family under pressure or a person with a physical or learning disability trying to live independently.

How to manage a successful apprenticeships programme

We invited organisations who could offer guidance on the day-to-day running of apprenticeships programmes, as well as how to support apprentices through to completion. We had speakers from the Association of Apprentices, Workplus, and Lloyd’s Banking Group – if you missed it, here’s what happened.

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Learning disability nurse

Learning disability nurses support people with learning disabilities, developing important relationships with their patients and helping them to lead fulfilling lives.

Mental health nurse

Mental health nurses build trusting relationships with their patients and provide vital support to people experiencing mental health problems, so they can lead happy and healthy lives.


You’ll help improve the quality of people’s lives by treating eye disorders and spotting serious neurological conditions


As the first responders to medical emergency situations, paramedics head into the unknown to save lives and help those in need of urgent medical care.


Physiotherapists help people regain their independence by relieving physical difficulties and improving mobility with exercise and other techniques


Podiatrists help people live more comfortably by providing treatment and care for foot and leg problems.

Speech and language therapist

Speech and language therapists play a crucial role in enabling people to communicate – enhancing people's lives and transforming their relationships.