Personal statement advice: biology

We asked a biology admissions tutor what the secret is to writing a successful biology personal statement. Apparently, there isn't one - it’s all about genuine passion, enthusiasm and curiosity. The simple objective to writing a successful biology personal statement is to show that you understand what you're applying for, along with some evidence of your enthusiasm, and commitment to the subject.

Personal statement advice: pharmacy

If you aim to study pharmacy, your personal statement will be a crucial factor in your application to make you stand out in this competitive field. Check out our top tips for your pharmacy personal statement.

Send your students reminders!

To help you make sure your students are ready to take part in your school or college's UCAS/Discovery Day, simply upload a list of your students and we’ll send them timely reminders to help them register and get set up ahead of the event.

Supporting students with mental health conditions

Students can access a variety of support to manage their mental health and wellbeing in higher education - ranging from help with a specific condition through to ways they can look after their general wellbeing. Some students may be hesitant to tell their university, so we've worked with experts (including Student Minds and the University Mental Health Advisers' Network (UMHAN)) to explain the process of declaration to your students, and offer practical ways to help them manage the transition to independence. It's good to remember that other personal circumstances can create additional challenges and stress, so making sure students have the right support for their needs will offer them the best start to university.

UCAS Reports

Over the past two years, UCAS has released these high-impact reports that shone a light on pertinent issues in education and skills.

What to study

Find out what each type of postgraduate qualification involves, what the entry requirements are, how much it might cost, and where to find out more.

Yipiyap - redefining the gap year

Considering a gap year? Unis and employers love the maturity, motivation, and higher final grades of gap year students. Our friends at Yipiyap have experienced over a decade of well-planned years out transforming careers. Sponsored content.