Why you need a reference, who to choose as a referee, and how to add it to your application.

What is the Turing Scheme?

The Turing Scheme has been launched to replace the Erasmus+ programme, which the UK is no longer participating in having left the EU.

What is university like?

Wondering what it’s really like to study at university? From taster days to student experiences and sample lectures, find out how you can get a flavour of university life – and if it’s the right next step for you.

Why I chose an apprenticeship instead of A levels

Instead of taking A levels after school, Santina started her Level 3 apprenticeship at civil engineering company, Arup, aged 16. Here she speaks about her experience, including why she chose an apprenticeship, what makes a good apprentice, and how she manages working and studying at the same time.

Getting started

Thinking about options after GCSEs or Nationals? Find ideas to help you start your job or career plan.

Choosing where to study or train

After GCSEs/National 5s, you could stay in school, go to a sixth form college, go to a further education (FE) college, or join a work-based training provider.

Supported internships

Facts about supported internships: who's eligible, how the study programme works, and who to contact for more information.

Why I knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship

We spoke to Hannah Rashidi, a Chartered Management Degree Apprentice at BT who knew she wanted to do an apprenticeship since secondary school. Here, she talks about how she made the decision, making friends, and her advice to future apprentices.