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30 June UCAS Undergraduate application deadline

If you send your application to us by 18:00 (UK time) on Tuesday 30 June, we'll send it to your chosen unis and colleges. If you send your application after this date you’re entered into Clearing.

To support you with any queries we’ve extended our Contact Centre’s opening hours next week – view our opening hours here.

Undergraduate applications received after 30 June 18:00 (UK time) are entered into Clearing


UCAS blogs

22 Jun 2015
By Anna in Applicant
Hiya! I have FINALLY found time in my busy schedule -of watching films, making smoothies and sleeping- to write a much-needed blog post. Yay! Sooooo...the exciting part- EXAMS ARE OVER! Can you...
18 Jun 2015
Thinking about starting uni this year? It’s not too late to apply! The last date you can send an application with up to five choices is 30 June - so if you’ve made a last minute decision about going...