Accountancy, banking and finance

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There’s a big variety of job roles you can do in the finance sector; from being a stockbroker through to working as a bank clerk or an internal auditor. Typically you’ll need business sense, organisational skills and to be good with numbers.

Where could I be working?

Accountancy and finance - this includes working in audit, tax and accountancy businesses as well as in finance related jobs within all sorts of organisations.

Banking and building societies - this is a large sector with jobs focused on enabling individuals and organisations to manage money, access loans and conduct business in the UK and overseas.

Financial planning - this includes jobs which provide advisory services and supporting people and organisations to plan their financial futures.

Insurance - jobs include working closely with other professionals, such as doctors, lawyers and fire officers, to assess risk, manage clients and resolve claims against insurance policies.

Investments and pensions - jobs involve trading and stockbroking as well as researching the likely performance of funds and advising on where to invest money and managing risk.