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Biology can be useful in many different careers including jobs within environmental sciences, medicine and nursing, and science and research.

Applied and job-related learning

There is a range of vocational qualifications (such as BTECs, NVQ/SVQs, and diplomas) linked to an interest in biology, such as: 

  • applied science
  • health and social care
  • environmental sustainability
  • sports and exercise sciences
  • countryside and environmental management
  • agriculture
  • horticulture
  • animal care
  • horse management
  • beauty therapy


There is a range of apprenticeships that link to an interest in biology, including:

  • animal care assistant
  • gardener or landscaper
  • health care assistant
  • dental nurse
  • laboratory technician
  • beauty massage therapist

Academic subjects – such as A levels

  • You can study biology and human biology.
  • Related subjects include chemistry, physics, physical education, social biology, geography, environmental studies, sociology, and psychology.