Foreign languages

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A knowledge of a modern foreign language is useful in a range of different careers. These include law, finance, business administration, sales and marketing, public services, transport, tourism and hospitality, and international aid. Speaking foreign languages is also useful if want to work abroad.

Applied and job-related learning

There is a range of vocational qualifications (such as BTECs, NVQ/SVQs and Diplomas) linked to an interest in modern foreign languages including:

  • travel and tourism
  • hospitality and catering
  • public services
  • environmental studies
  • childcare


There is a range of apprenticeships linked to languages, such as:

  • leisure, travel and tourism, e.g. leisure travel consultant 
  • retail and commercial enterprise, e.g.  hotel supervisor
  • health,  public services and care, e.g. information services coordinator
  • education and training, e.g. learning support assistant

Academic subjects – such as A levels   

  • You can study French, German, Spanish, Italian, and a range of other foreign languages which aren't not always available at GCSE/Nationals level. 
  • Related subjects include English language, geography, history, law, Latin, Greek, media, sociology, philosophy, psychology, business studies, geography, and environmental studies.