Religious studies

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Knowledge of other cultures and world religious beliefs can be useful in many jobs where you are working with the public or communities. These include counselling and social services, marketing, sales and advertising, catering and hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism, retail sales and customer services, education and training, medicine and nursing, and service sector roles.

Applied and job-related learning

There is a range of vocational qualifications (such as BTECs, NVQ/SVQs and diplomas) linked to religious studies, including: 

  • travel and tourism
  • health and social care
  • childcare
  • uniformed public services
  • legal studies


There are some apprenticeships associated with religious studies such as: 

  • arts, media and publishing, e.g. exhibition guide, visitor services support
  • leisure, travel and tourism, e.g. tourist guide,  travel adviser
  • health, public services and care, e.g. community support worker
  • education and training, e.g. learning support assistant

Academic subjects – such as A levels  

  • You can study religious studies. 
  • Related subjects include health and social care, geography, law, history, classical civilisation, sociology, philosophy, psychology, government and politics, communication and culture.