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Preparing for your postgraduate studies

Starting a postgraduate course can be a big step. Here's a checklist for you to make sure you're ready for the start of your course.
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Are there any other offer conditions you need to meet?

Apart from waiting for exam results, check whether you need to do anything else to get your place. Your university or college might have given you further conditions, like health or financial requirements, Disclosure and Barring Service checks or proof of your qualifications.

Are you prepared financially?

If you have a loan or funding, check that all the details are sorted and correct. Go to the postgraduate fees and funding section for more information, and to get advice on managing money during your studies.

Do you have somewhere to live?

If you're going somewhere new, make sure you've got somewhere to live, and think ahead to insurance, bills, supplies and a TV licence.

Have you thought about transport?

If you're moving away, you'll need to plan your moving day and how you're getting there, as well as what transport routes you might need to get to your campus.

Have you looked into the social options?

It's a good idea to research the area and societies and events the students' union provides. Read blogs from other students as well — they might have useful tips for you.

Is there anything you need to buy or do before your course starts?

Do you need to get any course materials or do any preparatory reading or research before your course starts?

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