Our products and services help you manage the application journey, navigate change and overcome challenges. Connect and engage students at every stage of their journey and achieve your strategic goals.

Set up courses and other opportunities


Use our extensive network of course, accommodation, jobs and events platforms to give you the best opportunity to showcase your offer to students. 

They're free and easy to set up – if you need any help, get in touch and we'll help you with how to make your offer stand out. 

Capitation fee

Customers of UCAS pay an annual ’capitation fee’ for our support and services. The fee is charged per cycle, regardless of when a provider joins UCAS.

Fees are charged based on the number of applicants ‘placed’ with a provider by the close of each admissions cycle. The fees are charged per applicant, with a minimum fee applicable for smaller providers.

The capitation fee is invoiced twice a year – 60% in August, and the remaining 40% in February.

Fees for the 2025 UCAS Undergraduate admissions cycle are:

Per applicant: £35.25 (including VAT)

Minimum charge: £3,755 (including VAT)

Build awareness and reach new markets

Build awareness and maintain engagement with the audience you want, from the moment they start their research through to the day they accept your offer. Students look to us for information. We give you the power to target an audience totally suited to you.

Manage and accept applicants 

These services are core to your continuously evolving partnership with UCAS, and to your recruitment efforts over the coming years. Make the most of what we offer.

Application and sector data 

Get the latest sector and provider level data for the current recruitment cycle. Make the most of the data that's available all year round, as well as end-of-cycle data as soon as it's released.

Products and services to inform recruitment strategies

For every university, complex challenges need clear answers and a way forward. Our products and insight services help you analyse and understand the market, trends, behaviours and what to expect, so you're equipped for current and future recruitment cycles based on tangible evidence. 

Campaigns – specific channels

Explore our channels in detail – we run bespoke campaigns on single platforms where you have a specific need or purpose.

Reach your next generation of students today

Only UCAS can offer access to our pre-applicant database (PAD) - comprised of people exploring their next steps to higher education.

This is your opportunity to connect with them at the beginning of their journey - when they're thinking about what to do next and open to